To supply intelligence wooden games to improve our children skills (cognitive, motor, language, social) throw more than 150 games under the concept of “edutainment”

    What are the benefits from this kind of games to the Kids?

    • - Improving students reasoning and problem-solving skills.
    • - Increasing student’s attention span and level.
    • - Advancing reading comprehension skills and ability to put knowledge into practice.
    • - Helping students’ ability be organized, think fast, and make decisions.
    • - Promote sharing value with others.

    What are the intelligence games?

    Intelligence games are a general term used for questions and problems whose solving doesn’t require any knowledge but reasoning, fast thinking, creativity, and ability to utilize clues.
    Under the moto of “make learning fun” intellectual development, creativity, and academic success of the children by activating their intelligence and facilitating learning. Children enjoy learning and their intelligence increases.

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